Mohammad Rafiq Ghumman (1937-)

After assuming the businesses handed over to him by his father Muhammad Shafi in 1956, he expanded it further by opening a steel factory in the same year. However, due to economic slowdown in Pakistan in the succeeding years he decided to liquidate the factory. 1960 he focused his attention on improving Power Looms. After a few years in the city, he contemplated on migrating to Kuwait when the economy in Pakistan has not improved and was in a down trend.


In 1965 he decided to migrate to Kuwait where he opened the Ghumman Gold Manufacturing Company in the middle of city. Mohammad Rafiq Ghumman is now into semi-retirement but remains as Chairman of the Ghumman Group of Companies.

Gulab Din Ghumman (1881-1968)

The founder and pioneer among the Ghummans who started the jewelry business in a small town in Pakistan in the early 1900s.